Disclosure & Friend Within – ‘The Mechanism’

the mechanism

The head-nodding vibe, the subtle hints of genuine intrumentalization and, of course, the black dude preaching lessons of funk, it doesn’t take long to realize that ‘The Mechanism’ is a proper Disclosure track. Collaborating with fellow Brit, Friend Within, the brothers deliver that which has granted them international recognition. Their … More

Flight Facilities – ‘Stand Still’ (Slow Magic Remix)

stand still

Like the sanguine croon of a playground temptress, Micky Green’s lollipop-licking voice tangos with sharp whistles and fuzzy synth as they bounce down the avenue on a float made from a mix of papier-mâché and childhood romances, basked in the warm glow of a fledgling summer sun, and in between … More

Gorgon City – ‘Here For You’ (Feat. Laura Welsh)

here for you

If you take Disclosure and crank back some of the intensity, the bizarreness and, well, the fame (sorry guys), you get Gorgon City. While both electronic music duos hail from England, the similarities aren’t just geographical. Both their unique styles share a likeness, operating around the same columns of electronic-indie. … More